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Welcome to Mofic. I write X-Men movieverse slash with some comicverse elements and a number of original characters. Most of my fiction is intended for an adult audience, both because of explicit descriptions of sexual activities and exploration of disturbing themes. The primary pairing is Scott/Logan.

The stories can be read in any order you like, of course. If you want to read them in chronological order of the events in them, read in the sequence that follows. Clicking on a title will open that story in a new window.

Reading Order: X1 Stories
Anything Can Happen
I Know What You Are
We're Not What You Think
Canadian Nights
What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
Night and Day
Foreign Correspondence
Adult Education
Continuing Education
Safe House
Different From All Other Nights
Chips Cashed In
Taking Chances
Unexpected Occurences
A Time To Every Purpose
What's Past is Prologue
Past and to Come

Lives and Fortunes - new


Reading Order: X2 Stories
After the Fall
Returning Spring
Summers in a Sea of Glory

Two other X2 Stories are independent of these:
Having Writ, Moves On
A Fine Romance



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Summary: The X-Men are adjusting to a world without Charles Xavier.  Scott is growing...
Rated: Adult starstarstarstar
Categories: X1
Characters: Adam Greenfield, Alexander Summers, Jean Grey, Jean-Paul, Logan, Scott Summers, Warren
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