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Summary: An occasional series of essays on topics related to gay and lesbian parenting.
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Published: 01/18/2007 Updated: 04/20/2007

1. How Do Gay Men and Lesbians Have Children? by The Mo [Reviews - 115] starstarstarhalf-star (1184 words)

2. What is the Legal Status of Same-Sex Parents? by The Mo [Reviews - 32] starstarstarhalf-star (1421 words)

3. Death and Divorce by The Mo [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstar (1514 words)

4. Tools to Protect Gay and Lesbian Families: Part 1, Second Parent Adoption by The Mo [Reviews - 8] (2071 words)

5. Tools to Protect Gay and Lesbian Families: Part 2, Civil Union, Domestic Partnership, and Massachusetts Marriage by The Mo [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstar (2248 words)

6. Coming Out Isn't Talking Dirty by The Mo [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (775 words)
This essay was originally published, in slightly different form, in the now defunct newsletter of Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International.

7. Choosing a School Which Supports Gay Families by The Mo [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar (1685 words)

8. Don't Children Need Opposite Sex Role Models? by The Mo [Reviews - 38] starstarhalf-star (1655 words)